Cordao de Ouro


Cordão de Ouro was founded by Mestre Suassuna in the 1960s; in specific on 1 September 1967 together with Mestre Brasilia in the middle of large Brazilian popular music festival. While listening to a song in the radio, the two Mestres came up with the name for the group that they had been planning to establish. The song was called “Cordão de Ouro” (Golden Belt) and it referred to a great “Capoeirista” of the past who also called as “Besouro”.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Capoeira went through an extensive expansion and became popular around the world. Capoeira was also introduced to schools as a subject and further new Capoeira teaching methods were discovered. As the art gained popularity, it was also used in projects with social awareness such as working with people with special needs and integrating the marginalised youth back to societies. Even if in general Capoeira was on the right path during this time, some young teachers started to practice a more violent and hostile way of playing. During this period Mestre Suassuna was worried about the direction Capoeira was going to, and he began to bring back the way of playing that was practised in the late 1950′s. Then he drew up the training sequences that were based on movements learned, experienced and taught. He added his style of rich elastic movements and developed the elements that, after a process of more than fifteen years, was known as a game called “Miudinho”.



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