Mestre Pium

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Rodrigo Quissak Machado, also known as Mestre Pium, is the founder of the Capoeira group Cordão de Ouro Helsinki. He was born in 1987 and raised in Guaratinguetá, a small town in the state of São Paulo, Brasil. He started Capoeira in 1991 at the age of four under the guidance of Mestre Ponciano, the leader of the group Capoeira Especial Cordão de Ouro. Under the supervision of Mestre Ponciano and approval of Mestre Suassuna, Pium became a Professor in 2007, Contra Mestre in 2012 and Mestre in 2016. In 2012 he was invited by Mestre Casquinha to Cyprus to teach Capoeira. Nowadays Mestre Pium lives in Helsinki, Finland, where he founded Cordão de Ouro Finland in January 2013.

Mestre Ponciano


Mestre Ponciano is the founder of the group Capoeira Especial Cordão de Ouro. Ponciano C. S. Almeida was born in Guaratingueta, Sao Paulo state, Brazil in 1961. Mestre Ponciano has been teaching Capoeira for over 40 years, including working with children and adults with special needs from the suburbs and helping them in their general education and development of the mind and body through Capoeira. In relation, he has founded the “Capoeira Especial Adaptation” project.  Nowadays, Mestre Ponciano teaches at his academy in Guarantingueta and travels annually to give workshops around the world. Mestre Ponciano is the supervisor of the Group Cordão de Ouro Finland and pays regularly visits to Finland.

Mestre Suassuna

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Mestre Suassuna is the founder of the Capoeira group Cordão de Ouro. Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna, also known as Mestre Suassuna, was born in Ilhéus, Bahia, Brazil on 1938 and raised in Itabuna. Due to a physical handicap in his legs, the doctor recommended him to involve himself in a sport that was not soccer. Encouraged by two of his friends, Suassuna started practicing art of Capoeira. At the beginning of the 1960s, Suassuna shone in Bahia with his Capoeira skills and as his reputation spread and he was invited to teach in other Brazilian states as well abroad. In 1965 Suassuna was encouraged by his friends to move to Sao Paulo. Followed by this advice, he left Bahia to the rainy city with the intention of opening an academy and succeeding his life in Capoeira. His mission was to develop Capoeira both as folklore and a sport. Thus the life in Sao Paulo turned out to be very hard at the beginning; he was far away from his friends, worked at various jobs and went through financial difficulties. After a lot of such struggle, he met capoeristas from Itabuna that took him to Ze Freita’s Academy in Sao Paulo where he met Mestre Brasilia, the co-founder of the group Cordão de Ouro. In 1967, together with Mestre Brasilia, he founded the “Associacão de Capoeira Cordão de Ouro”. Today, Mestre Suassuna is much liked and respected. He is proud to see that his group’s work is well structured and full of creativity, with members all over the world. His many accomplishments include various performances, shows, recordings, creation and development of the “Miudinho Game” and conduction of workshops and seminars in several Brazilian states and around the world.