capo santa

We will go for Christmas holidays on Wednesday 20 December, and we will return back to trainings on Monday 8 January 2018!

Thank you to all the trainees for the past season! It has been great to have many new trainees in the CDO Capoeira world! We have also many gifted children training, amazing, new Capoeiristas that are the building up a new Capoeira generation in Finland!

We would like to thank our partners for the past year, for example. Easysport, NYT-liikunta, FIMU, YLEX, Sipoo Kansalaisopisto, Yökoris, 09 Helsinki Human Rights, ME-talo, PPJ Eira, UF Kamraterna, Helsinki Samba Carneval, Monaliiku, Red Card for Racism Project, Combo Project,  Suomalaista Yhteiskoulua, Stadin Ammattiopistoa, German School, Kannunvalajat, Hertsikan Pumppu, all our Capoeira friends in Finland and abroad – and all the others we have been able to work together with Capoeira!

We also want to thank Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Ponciano for their guidance and support!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and Happy New Year 2018 for Everyone!

Mestre Pium & CDO Finland