maculele 2

Cordão de Ouro Finland starts, under the direction of Mestre Pium, Maculelê dance classes at Vuosaari, Kallahti in Helsinki. The classes will be every Saturday at the Kallahti Youth Building’s Sports Hall (Pohjavedenkatu 5, Helsinki) from 16 to 17. Come and try new fast-paced dance hobby!

Maculelê is a traditional Afro-Brazilian dance that is mainly danced with sticks today. According to one theory, Maculelê’s dance evolved from the people that came from Africa to Brazil who worked as slaves in sugar cane cultivations. It is believed that they practiced Maculelê’s dance during their breaks from the work with machete knives that they used to cut sugar cane. Accordingly, Maculelê’s basic movements are supposed to mimic sugar cane cutting and labor movements. The dance is made in a ring, called “Roda” in Portuguese. Two dancers at one time dance together in the ring while the other participants keep the rhythm by hitting their sticks together with the drum music and singing.