As you may already know, Capoeira is amazing and is widely know as one of the most multidimensional and exciting forms of exercise – for all age groups.

Due to its rich character and many aspects – varying from movement to music – we want to offer you many different options to train Capoeira. Our selection varies from carefully tailored beginner’s courses to all-level Capoeira classes.

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Our experienced teachers are trained to accommodate everybody, no matter your skill level or background. All our classes consist of a warmup, stretching, basic Capoeira movements, music and games.

During these carefully planned courses and classes, you will learn body control as well as many acrobatic moves – such as handstand. In addition, you will also be able to increase your flexibility, strength and endurance.

In short, we have set everything ready for you. Capoeira with all its rich history, awesome moment repertoire, wonderful music and cultural experience is waiting for you in four different locations: Helsinki, Tampere, Vuosaari and Espoo.

All you need to bring with you is comfortable clothing (shoes are optional), a bottle of water and willingness to try new things!